Fitbit Vs Bellabeat: Which Suits You Better in 2023?

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 02:32 pm

Fitness trackers have transformed the way we monitor our daily activity, sleep, and general well-being. Bellabeat vs Fitbit are two well-known companies in this area. Both of these companies provide a variety of fitness trackers that may help you measure your daily activity, exercises, and general health.

In this blog, we will compare Bellabeat and Fitbit fitness trackers and look at their features, design, and functioning.

Fitbit Vs Bellabeat: An Overview

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is an American company that creates wearable technology and activity trackers for fitness monitoring, including smartwatches, pedometers, and heart rate monitors.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

What is Bellabeat?

Bellabeat offers fashionable health trackers designed for women, including the Leaf smart jewelry line. Their trackers help women manage health and wellness by tracking fertility, menstrual cycles, and sleep quality.

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Fitbit Vs Bellabeat

PriceStarts at $99Starts at $129
DesignTraditional and functionalFeminine and stylish
FeaturesTracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep quality, heart rate, and other fitness metricsTracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep quality, and menstrual cycle
Battery lifeUp to 7 daysUp to 5 days
AppFitbit appBellabeat app
CommunityFitbit communityBellabeat community

Fitbit Vs Bellabeat: Battery Life

Fitbit Battery Life

Fitbit models also have a good battery life, which may last for many days depending on the model and functions used. For example, the Versa 3 has an expected life duration of six days with basic GPS monitoring, but this can reduce to 12 hours with vigorous usage.

Also, charging these gadgets is simple thanks to the included cords, albeit some consumers may need to plug in regularly.

While its products are practical, people looking for even more convenience might select Bellabeat devices’ extended battery life.

Bellabeat Battery Life

Bellabeat devices have an amazing battery life, allowing them to run for up to six months on a single charge.

The quantity of power consumed is, of course, dependent on the user and their activities; recording exercises consumes more power than ordinary chores. As a result, users who prefer simplicity and a low-maintenance way of life may benefit from Bellabeat’s dependable electricity.

Display: Fitbit vs Bellabeat

Bellabeat and Fitbit take opposing methods to the screen. Bellabeat activity trackers lack a screen.

Instead, you may access your tracking data through your phone. You may check the statistics and follow your progress on your phone using a dedicated app.

Fitbit, on the other hand, provides many sorts of fitness trackers with displays. The Fitbit Sense, for example, features a particular sort of screen known as AMOLED that is protected by thick glass.

The colors on this screen are brilliant, and the visuals are clear. The Fitbit Versa sports a color screen with a resolution of 300300 pixels.

Furthermore, its display is bright enough to be visible even in direct sunshine. Fitbit lets you select the fitness tracker with the screen that best meets your needs.


Application FeaturesFitbitBellabeat
Activity TrackingTracks steps, distance, calories burned, etc.Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, etc.
Heart Rate MonitoringMonitors heart rate during workoutsNo heart rate monitoring
Sleep TrackingTracks sleep duration and qualityTracks sleep duration and quality
Exercise GuidanceProvides guided workouts and exercise modesLimited exercise guidance
Food LoggingAllows tracking of food intake and caloriesNo food logging feature
Goal SettingSets personalized goals and milestonesSets personalized goals and milestones
Social FeaturesConnects with friends for challengesLimited social features
Women’s Health TrackingBasic support for menstrual trackingExtensive support for menstrual tracking
Stress ManagementProvides stress tracking and guided breathingProvides stress tracking and relaxation tools
App InterfaceUser-friendly and intuitiveUser-friendly and intuitive

Design: Bellabeat VS Fitbit

Bellabeat designs items to combine fashion and wellbeing. Their Leaf smart jewelry is a stylish way to measure health. Bellabeat’s fitness monitors look like necklaces and bracelets. Women may quietly track their health thanks to aesthetics. Bellabeat combines design and technology to provide women health tracking alternatives that match their style. Buy Bellabeat.

Fitbit smartwatches emphasize aesthetics, adaptability, and functionality. They have several designs to suit different tastes. Fitbit smartwatches include a bright, square or rectangular touchscreen display for accessing functions and tracking data. Smartwatches may be customized with different straps. Fitbit smartwatches are lightweight and robust for all-day wear. Fitbit smartwatches are stylish and versatile. They track heart rate, activity, sleep, and workouts. Fitbit smartwatches also provide smartphone alerts, music control, contactless payments, and GPS for precise distance monitoring. Fitbit smartwatches are famous for complete health monitoring with a sleek and modern appearance. Buy Fitbit.

Connectivity: Bellabeat vs Fitbit

Fitbit and Bellabeat provide several connection possibilities. Both devices link to your smartphone through Bluetooth for notifications, music control, and data sync.

However, Fitbit’s Wi-Fi connectivity lets you instantly sync your data without a smartphone. This function is helpful if you do not always have your phone.

Fitbit has greater selection of compatible applications and services makes integration with other fitness and health apps easier. Bellabeat, on the other hand, has fewer compatible applications but may still deliver exercise and health data.

Customer Support

In comparison to Bellabeat, Fitbit offers superior customer service. Fitbit has a number of channels for customer service, including email, phone, and a comprehensive online Help Center.

Bellabeat’s website also has a chat facility for customer service inquiries. Customers have praised the products and services of both businesses.

Fitbit vs Bellabeat



  1. Convenient charging with included cable.
  2. Reliable and consistent tracking of physical activity and health.
  3. Wide range of features for comprehensive health tracking.
  4. Established brand with a large user community and ecosystem.


  1. Shorter battery life compared to some trackers.
  2. Battery drainage during intense workouts or GPS usage.
  3. Inconvenience of frequent charging every few days.
  4. Limited customization options for appearance and style.



  1. Long battery life compared to Fitbit models.
  2. Up to 6 months of battery life, depending on usage.
  3. Convenient for users who prefer not to frequently charge their device.
  4. Cost-effective due to longer battery life and reduced need for replacements.


  1. Limited feature set compared to Fitbit.
  2. Battery life can be affected by usage and activity tracking.
  3. Not suitable for users requiring advanced features that may drain the battery faster.
  4. May not offer the same level of compatibility with external apps and services as Fitbit.

The Final Word

To sum up,

Overall, both Fitbit and Bellabeat offer unique fitness trackers with unique features. Fitbit is the finest fitness tracker for traditionalists.

Bellabeat is ideal for women who wish to log their workouts in style. We hope our comprehensive comparison helped you choose wisely.

Fitbit vs Bellabeat: FAQs

Are Bellabeat and Fitbit devices waterproof?

Some Bellabeat vs Fitbit devices are waterproof or water-resistant. Thus, check each device’s characteristics to see if it’s acceptable for water activities.

Do Bellabeat and Fitbit devices exercise mode?

Fitbit and Bellabeat can track exercise modes. However, Fitbit has more exercises and activities.

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