Fitbit Inspire 2 Vs Inspire 3: Ultimate Comparison

Last updated on January 4th, 2024 at 12:36 pm

Fitbit watches are smartwatches that track health and fitness metrics, such as steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. They offer customizable watch faces, music control, notifications, and sync data to the Fitbit app. With various models available, Fitbit provides options to suit different users’ needs and preferences.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Vs Inspire 3: Overview

Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit Inspire series is a line of sleek and lightweight fitness trackers, including models like Inspire, Inspire HR, and Inspire 2. These trackers monitor health metrics such as steps, distance, heart rate (in HR models), and sleep patterns. With interchangeable bands and compatibility with the Fitbit app, users can easily customize their fitness tracking experience. It’s essential to check Fitbit’s official website for any new releases or updates to the Inspire series since my last update in September 2021.

The Real Showdown

Fitbit has recently released updates for its fitness trackers, including the Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2. However, these updates don’t bring significant improvements compared to their predecessors. On the other hand, the Fitbit Inspire 3 represents a significant improvement over the Fitbit Inspire 2.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is now one of the best fitness trackers available, especially if you prefer a hassle-free device with a long-lasting battery that you can easily forget you’re wearing.

If you already own the Fitbit Inspire 2, you might wonder if upgrading to the Inspire 3 is worth it. We’ll explore the reasons to consider in this Fitbit Inspire 3 versus Inspire 2 comparison.

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Fitbit Inspire 2 Vs Inspire 3: Features

FeatureFitbit Inspire 2Fitbit Inspire 3
DisplayMonochrome displayColor display with always-on
display support
Heart Rate MonitorOptical heart rate monitorOptical heart rate monitor with
infrared sensors for blood
oxygen monitoring
Irregular Heart RhythmNoYes
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS devicesAndroid 10 or later, iOS 14 or
Battery LifeUp to 10 daysUp to 10 days
Fast PairNot supportedSupported on Android devices
Find With TileYesNot available
IncludedFree Fitbit Premium membershipFree Fitbit Premium membership
AccessoriesLimited optionsTranslucent band, stainless
steel mesh band, clip, and
classic bands in various colors

Blood Oxygen Censor

The Inspire 3 comes with a colorful always-on display and an ambient light sensor, which is an upgrade from the monochrome display found in the Inspire 2. Both trackers have an optical heart rate monitor, but the Inspire 3 adds infrared sensors for blood oxygen monitoring. Unfortunately, there is no ECG sensor in either model.

One significant addition in the Inspire 3 is the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications, which can detect signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib) using the built-in photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor. This feature was introduced to the Inspire 2 in April 2022. Both fitness trackers also share health features such as skin temperature variation (temperature manually logged), stress monitoring with breathing exercises, a Daily Readiness Score, and women’s health tracking.

Despite the addition of a color display, the Fitbit Inspire 3 maintains the same impressive 10-day battery life as its predecessor. However, using the always-on display mode may reduce battery life. The Inspire 3 is compatible with Android 10 or later and iOS 14 or later, connecting via Bluetooth with Fast Pair support for Android devices. Regrettably, the ‘Find With Tile’ function present in the Inspire 2 seems to be missing in the Inspire 3.

Price: Fitbit Inspire 2 Vs Inspire 3

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is available at the same launch price of $99.95 as the previous model and comes with a six-month free membership to Fitbit Premium. Additionally, Fitbit offers various accessories for the Inspire 3, including a translucent band, stainless steel mesh band, a clip, and classic bands in different colors.

To buy Fitbit Inspire 2 or Fitbit Inspire 3

Special Mention:

The Charge 5 is a compelling upgrade for users seeking more from their fitness tracker. Priced at $149.95, it offers built-in GPS, ECG recording, and an EDA app for stress management, along with guided breathing sessions and Fitbit Pay. However, it does have a shorter battery life of seven days compared to the Inspire 3’s 10 days. Nonetheless, if users desire the added functionality of ECG and GPS, the Charge 5 justifies the higher cost, while the Fitbit Inspire 3 remains a great option for those who don’t require these extra features.

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1. What’s the difference between the Fitbit Inspire 2 and Inspire 3?

The Inspire 3 is an upgraded version of the Inspire 2, featuring a color display, built-in GPS, and improved health tracking.

2. Key features of the Fitbit Inspire 2?

The Inspire 2 offers heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, various workout modes, and access to Fitbit’s app ecosystem.

3. Key features of the Fitbit Inspire 3?

The Inspire 3 adds a color display, built-in GPS, and advanced health tracking to its features.

4. Is the design of the Fitbit Inspire 3 different from the Inspire 2?

Yes, the Inspire 3 has a color touchscreen display, different from the Inspire 2’s monochrome display.

5. Does the Fitbit Inspire 3 have built-in GPS?

Yes, the Inspire 3 includes built-in GPS for accurate outdoor activity tracking.

6. How do battery life and charging differ?

Both have good battery life, but it varies by usage. Charging is similar with Fitbit’s proprietary cable.

7. Any new health tracking features in the Fitbit Inspire 3?

Yes, the Inspire 3 includes skin temperature monitoring and advanced sleep tracking.

8. Can I use third-party apps with both devices?

Both support Fitbit’s app ecosystem for third-party apps and watch faces.

9. Differences in pricing?

The Inspire 3 typically costs slightly more due to its added features.

10. Which Fitbit should I choose, the Inspire 2 or Inspire 3?

Choose based on your needs. If you want a color display, GPS, and advanced tracking, go for the Inspire 3. The Inspire 2 is a budget-friendly option for basic fitness tracking. Consider your fitness goals and budget when deciding.

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